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"Feminism and Nationalism," in On Arab Nationalism: Concepts & Challenges, Arab Cultural Center Publisher. [Arabic, among best selling books at the Riyadh International Book Fair of 2014]


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Abdullah al-Hamid," Jadaliyya and Muftah.Org. 2012.


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Reviews. Publications have been reviewed in The New York Review of Books, as well as several academic journals, including Journal of International and Global Studies, Die Welt des Islams, Asian Affairs, Insight Turkey Quarterly, among others.


References. Publications have been assigned in course syllabi and sessions at The George Washington University's Department of History and Elliott School of International Relations and University of Oxford's St. Antony’s College. Publication citations appear in numerous publications, such as International Journal of Middle East Studies, The Middle East Journal, Journal of Gender Studies, Current Politics and Economics of the Middle EastDiogène, Canadian Journal of Communication, Third World Quarterly, Ex aequo, Journal of Women in Culture and Society, the Congressional Research Service, select doctoral theses and book chapters.

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